Being Muslim and Korean: A Combination That Surprises Many - by Mvslim

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“It’s a very interesting process to discover the similarities between my roots and Islam”, she tells me. For her it is a constant search after her identity. At first she felt isolated when she converted to Islam. “But when I studied more about the Sunnah and Hadiths I sometimes found habits in Islam that also my mother taught me, which in turn she learnt from her own parents.”, she explained. These connections and similarities are exactly what she is trying to convey through her drawings, many of them showing Korean women wearing their traditional Hanbok clothing.

“Sometimes I get negative feedback from people in Korea about my concepts”, she goes on. Islam is still a very young religion in Korea after all. “Therefor, I am always looking for more resources that draw connections between the far east and middle east.” She sometimes even finds historical evidence that Korean culture and Islam can go along together. Her progress can be followed on her website and on Instagram.

My conversations with her reveal just how much Muslim and Korean she is at the same time — a universal message so important that I want to use it to end this article with. Islam is not bound to any race nor culture. You can be Muslim and Arabic just like you can be Muslim and Korean or whatever country you are from.

This article is written by Karim Jordan.