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Korean people still thinks Islam is a Middle Eastern cultural religion like Buddhism has been spread on all around Asia. Thus, without any recognizing, they decided that Islam is the religion Korean people cannot follow and it doesn't fit on the culture of Korea.


But actually, in the last dynasty of Korea, 'Joseon', there are very many cultural things which are similar with Islamic teachings.

Especially, what I was inspired as a Korean woman was the outer of female clothing at that time, the named 'Jang-ot'. When women go out from their house, they should cover their entire body from head to toe, even sometimes they covered their face. They thought women should protect her honor for her family and virtue for herself with covering her figure.

Also, they considered the best woman was the one who cares house and family as a wise wife and a great mother of children at that time. It was very similar of thinking the true role of women in Islam.


Korea is going far from their culture. Korean men and women are missing their own dignities.

But I believe that Korean people can get back to their beautiful culture through the teaching of Islam. Therefore I want to show these messages on my drawings; "Korean can be a Muslim" to Korea and "There are Muslims as Korean" to the World.

SIKKA Art Fair

Al Fahidi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2014

'The Dignity' is the series of drawings to represent that an old Korean Muslim woman's appearances of internal and external. In Joseon era of Korean history, women must cover their figures when they go out for protecting themselves and their family dignity, and it is as similar as the Islamic guidance. Bae combined the old Korean folk paintings, cultural objects and clothes with the Islamic culture.

Asian Students and Young Artists Art Festival (ASYAAF)

Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2014

Islam has been emphasizing the importance of education. The first word of the revelation from Allah(God) to His Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was ‘Iqra’; means ‘Read’. So that, learning is the most important thing to practice the religious obligation. The history that women were involved in education and learning is not long. I tried to represent that women also have been encouraged to learn without the discrimination of gender in Islam.


These works were displayed on Special Drawing exhibition of ASYAAF (Asian Students and Young Artists Art festival), Seoul, South Korea in 2014.

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